about Ness

I am Vanessa Bourne but known to most as Ness! I  live near Taunton in Somerset but still teach in Mid Devon and Salisbury, where I lived for 14 years and where I started my yoga business.  I specialise in teaching Subtle Yoga, a hatha based, slow, mindful  practice accessible to all age groups and all levels of fitness.  This kind of practice transforms lives.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at


Subtle Yoga is a powerful Health Strategy.  It is a complete antidote to the ‘fast, fitness yoga’ industry and a world in hyperdrive.  Slow, mindful practice elicits neuroplasticity, bringing about positive changes in the brain, building nervous system resilience through a greater mind-body connection, helping to combate mental health challenges.  It reduces chronic pain and leaves you feeling calmer, more positive and more connected to yourself and those around you, enabling you to cope with the stresses and strains of life on a daily basis. 

My passion for Yoga started over 20 years ago after the birth of my second child and severe post natal depression. The doctors prescribed pills but innately, I just knew there was a better way to support and heal myself and I set out on my Yoga journey.

I started by taking classes in London and Yoga quickly changed my life, not only building my physical strength, flexibility and self confidence but gave me a mental strength and calmness which helped me deal with a very stressful personal life.

I had 3 young boys, growing into fantastic young sportsmen competing at high levels, all of whom were dyslexic. It dawned on me, that, not on any level of their education or sports coaching were they being wholly supported. Whilst their bodies were fit, their flexibility and mental wellbeing and their ability to cope with the stress of competition and academic difficulties were being ignored and they were suffering. This lead to my training with Yogabugs followed by further training with Calm for Kids and specific training for Teenagers and Teenage Athletes with TeenYoga, whose Foundation I am a member of. During this time I started training for my adult teachers qualification with British School of Yoga in Devon and stepped up my personal practice to experience different styles of yoga, one of which was the very precise style of Iyengar Yoga.  I have been teaching children in schools as part of their PSHE curriculum and in clubs for over 17 years and adults for nearly 14 years. I am passionate about teaching all age groups and passing on my knowledge to help improve my clients quality of life.

As a naturally inflexible person, my journey has been challenging but fantastic! I will never forget the moment I just got it! The penny dropped and I realised that it was not an exercise of ticking off the boxes as I gradually mastered the basic postures or about being better than the other person on the mat next to me but the magic that happens when your breath links in with your body, being in the moment and the flow of the postures, you are FREER in your body, CLEARER in your mind and OPEN in your heart.

I care deeply about each and every person I teach. I draw from my own personal experience of difficulties which enables me to easily empathise with others challenges and I believe my friendly, fun and down to earth classes are accessible to all. I want to share the magical gift of Subtle Yoga and only wish to help each individual, wherever they are starting from, to reveal the happier, fitter and more content person within themselves, just waiting to be discovered.