adults classes

My general adult classes are suitable for all abilities.  As long as you can get up and down off the floor you will be able to access all parts of the class.  This yoga will increase your levels of fitness, strength and stamina but not in the same way as an ‘aerobic gym style’ of yoga so often portrayed in magasines and internet videos, demonstrating advanced postures that are out of reach for most normal people.  The traditional postures have been adapted and developed to optimise interoception (greater inner awareness).  I use ratios to ease the body into stronger postures, always with gentler options and at no time should you be in discomfort or pain – pain in counterproductive for nervous system resilience.


The intensity of this class will depend on your general level of fitness but you will always leave feeling physically stretched, calmer, clearer and more connected.

The class will always start with centering and breath work followed by the main body of postures, both standing and floor postures.  Towards the end of the class we will ease out all areas of the body and prepare for a guided relaxation/meditation.