I think it may be fair to say that most of us engage each day with each other or ourselves, through our own self-talk, with very little thought as to the power our words carry.  The fact that words ARE ‘energy’ is also perhaps, something that most have not contemplated either.  Both statements were certainly true for me!  But more recently, through my own constant learning programme, I have gradually been increasing my knowledge base on the subject of the Root of Human Suffering.  I will try not to get too deep and long winded as this is a vast subject – I will just be ‘dipping my toes’ into this subject with you today!

Each word we speak has a life of its own, an energy – a vibratory signature that creates waves int0 the expanse of the Universe of which we are an integral part, we are NOT separate from it. We have developed subtleties in our language to impart different energies as we communicate with different people, in different circumstances: For example, we might talk softly to sooth a baby or loved one, use positive language to encourage trust and confidence or if we are angry by having our ego challenged in some way, we will use harsh words to deliberately wound or get our point across in that moment of fear.  All these words leave imprints on our energetic body, which in turn, create more waves in the energy of our internal chatter as we replay and justify our words.  This is more or less in a nutshell, what causes most of our daily suffering.  When language and words are used as a reaction to our emotions, we are usually not thinking straight.  As human beings we have an ego and this ego gives rise to the idea that we are all ‘separate’, ‘different’ or ‘superior’, in some way, from those around us and all that makes up this wonderful Universe that is constantly supporting us.  As such, our words come from this backdrop, this is what has shaped our world since the very beginning, and I would suggest that many of us feel we are now living in a world that is overly judgemental, increasingly monitored and restricted and with little or no overall empathy, compassion and kindness.  I say this, as an overall world view but of course, in every family, neighbourhood and community, we see and know of everyday acts of kindness, compassion and empathy, sadly it is usually ‘localised’ and still fails to be initiated from the top down. 

But we can all begin to make even greater changes to this, as a pebble in a pond causes ever increasing outward ripples of energy, by becoming more conscious of the words we use.  When we speak with more conscious awareness, we become capable of making ‘beautiful music’ instead of creating a ‘noisy disturbance’ from words issuing forth without this awareness.  Importantly, we need to start with our inner world, the words of our arising thoughts set the tone of our emotions, which influence our words and the type of energy emitted in our interaction with others.  If our inner words cause us pain, it is inevitable that both we and those around us will suffer as a direct consequence of the unconscious, negative wording and chatter we use to communicate.  Being sensitive to whether we put positive or negative energy and intention behind our every word is the only place to start.  We can each make our worlds a happier place when we speak with lightness, positivity and love, and this will ripple out and encourage others to do the same.  Remember that as negative, harsh words are spoken, the negative energy they give out creates a physical tightening and restriction in our thought patterns and our muscles and connective tissue, and makes our bodies feel tense, uncomfortable and eventually ‘physical’ pain will arise.

We must start by examining our own arising thoughts.  It is true, that we cannot stop thoughts arising in our minds, but we can catch them and consciously change the words they contain in order to influence the energy they give forth because this energy influences the emotional state of our mind and in turn has an effect on those we interact with.  If that arising thought makes you feel fearful, angry or upset in some way, it is possible to choose another way to rephrase the statement, choose a different way to look at what you take as being true for you.  In fact, the only ‘truth’ there is, is that a statement that arises from us, whether spoken out loud or only in our own head, is our own truth if we choose to believe it, so if we believe something arising from our own head, then it becomes true for us.  This makes the ‘truth’ always subjective and when linked to our egos, is where the trouble comes and the suffering starts!

Remember, also, that the words we speak are actually affirmations, and these create our reality and our future.  Search for and choose to change the nagging voice in your mind that constantly seeks to undermine your positive thoughts because the words of your nagging voice, are also affirmations, and these will win out over your new positive ones simply because they are repeated more often and with more negative energy behind them. 

We must be willing to learn to love ourselves and to use kind language when dealing with ourselves in our own minds, self-approval and self-acceptance in the moment will start to bring positive changes. 

So, in conclusion, I urge you to experiment and try creating beautiful words to nurture your inner world and combine these with kindness in your everyday interactions with others and your own personal, physical daily practices (good sleep, exercise, yoga, nutrition and time spent in quiet contemplation) and see if everything in your world starts to flow with more ease.  You should experience less suffering and in turn, your physical and emotional body can feel less tense and stressed.  This is the way to bring more peace and joy into your world, regardless of what goes on in your outer world – this, we have very little, if any, control over – don’t wait for that outer world chaos to let up any time soon, or you might find life passing you by rather quicker than you hoped.

“Our experiences and feelings are mainly related to our bodies and our minds. 

We know from our daily experience that mental happiness is beneficial.  For instance, though two people may face the same kind of tragedy, one person may face it more easily than the other due to his or her mental attitude”

An extract from Power of Compassion by his Holiness the Dalai Lama

Further reading on the subject from the ancient Indian texts as far back as 6th Century B.C. and modern day writers such as Louise Hay – You Can Heal your Life, Adyashanti – Falling into Grace and through study with Deepak Chopra on the spiritual laws of life.

I truly hope that my words in this blog hold interest for you and carry my intended energy of love and insight, as well as a possible place to start or continue on your healing journey on this beautiful earth.  I would value your thoughts if you would like to share them with me.

I look forward to seeing many of you in September as we resume our classes and if I can ever help with anything you might be curious about in my sphere, do not hesitate to get in touch.

With my kindest and best wishes,

Ness x